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Leadership Professional Development

Decades of research confirm that talented and skilled leaders are required to produce effective schools—schools that excel in student engagement and achievement. High quality professional development for campus-based and district leaders is an essential investment.

The partners and associates of SES have the knowledge and extensive school leadership experiences required to create and deliver high-quality leadership professional development. The members of the SES team have served as successful school leaders and bring extensive experience in the professional development of strong, quality leaders.

Leadership professional development services are individually designed to match clients’ identified needs. Whether designed for one school’s leadership team, several schools, or for a central office, SES is ready to work with your organization and to offer leadership professional
development that will produce results.

Strategic Planning

A sound strategic plan is the single most important element in the achievement of educational excellence. This premise applies at the district level as well as programs within the district. Systematic planning provides leadership the opportunity to view an organization holistically rather than as isolated and seemingly independent components.

The SES planning process is grounded in the tenet that ownership, involvement, and commitment are values that educators, parents, and community members must embrace. Change and improvement are not just about goals and strategies; they are about productive and meaningful relationships among people.

At the end of the day, all activities, programs, and plans must lead to student success. All too often, guidance and direction are haphazard and grounded in a collection of platitudes and jargon that never provide real direction. The SES approach to planning will offer guidance toward real change, improvement, and educational excellence.

Program Evaluation

Most educators agree that evaluation of any program is critical to effective schools. Important purposes of program evaluation include:

  • assessment of the extent to which the goals of a program are being met
  • confirmation of program value
  • indication of need for program change
  • evidence for a basis for program continuation or termination.

The partners of SES have extensive experience in the evaluation process. Our systematic data collection, analysis and interpretation of data and information, and determination of the extent to which a program is operating in an effective and efficient manner lead to accountability to parents, students, and community.

The program evaluation services of SES provide assurance and enhancement in the quality of your project or program. We work hand-in-hand with you and your team to identify your program goals and to monitor your progress toward these goals.

Search Services

      The most important function of a school board or board of directors is the employment of a highly effective individual to lead the organization. Boards look for an individual with the “right fit” for their organization; selection of a person with the “wrong fit” can be costly in many regards -- including student achievement.
Leadership potential must be judged by one measure: student performance. Effective schools and student learning rarely occur without focused guidance and leadership.

     SES listens carefully to each client’s needs and provides a custom-designed local, regional, or national search yielding a carefully vetted slate of qualified candidates. The client can request that SES handle all the screening processes or provide experienced guidance and assistance on any part of the search.

     SES partners have taught and mentored educational leaders for many years. They have the requisite skills and experience to recognize educational leadership talent.

Efficiency and Productivity Analyses

Educational organizations face a serious challenge: How can we best use limited resources to maximize student learning and achievement? Answers reside in the engine of any educational organization -- the operating budget. The efficiencies represented in that budget shape learning capacity and organizational productivity.

It is imperative that every educational dollar is maximized while waste is minimized in order to ensure positive experiences for children. SES partners and associates have years of successful experience in educational budgetary processes. SES efficiency and productivity analyses will evaluate each budget line item, the overall compensation package, and the organizational structure enabling SES to provide benchmarks and to offer recommendations.

SES understands that each dollar must be leveraged to ensure that students receive the quality education that they deserve. SES analyses can provide the necessary information to structure the educational path that constituents desire.



Fees for services are based on individual projects and can be structured on a per-hour basis or on a per-project basis.  We often recommend to new clients that they consider this per-project option during an evaluation phase. New clients also use our hourly support when they need immediate assistance. Please contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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